Advanced Prosthetics

Everyday, there are people living with pain, discomfort, and a lack of ease doing simple tasks. What do all these people share in common? They're all amputees. They have the assistance of a prosthetic, but the problem with the current standard of prosthetics is that they're uncomfortable, don't offer the same range of motion, nor do they allow for authentic nerve sensitivity.


I aim to change that with something new. The Advanced Neuromechanical Prosthesis Prototype, Version 1(or ANMPP-1 for short.) The ANMPP-1 will be able to allow for real-time nerve impulses, active pressure sensing with temperature reactivity, a full range of motion rivaling the realest of limbs, all while being comfortable and light, which reduces strain on the user. In it's end design, the ANMPP-1 will look, feel, and function like a real limb.


This is done by a proprietary connection to the user's nervous system and brain, as well as a physical connection to healthy nerves and muscle tissue in the end of the amputated limb, and an artificial joint that will be connected to the end of the bone in conjunction with a bone graft, allowing for the full range of motion in the limb.

This will be the world's most advanced prosthetic, and a new option for people who have grown weary with their traditional prosthesis, and it's a second chance to feel normal.

Updates on this project will be posted every 2 weeks, with photos and data on what was accomplished over those two weeks.

-Gregory Christensen, Designer of the ANMPP-1